Monday, October 29, 2007

Angel Locsin faces biggest challenge in 'Lobo'

Angel LocsinAfter opting not to renew her contract with her old network GMA-7, actress Angel Locsin took the biggest gamble of her career by practically starting over again as a new talent at ABS-CBN.

The change was traumatic. Locsin was almost immediately hounded by several controversies, including the accusation that she was ungrateful to her old network, which made her a star in the seven years that she stayed there.

There was even a scandal that fingered her as the woman in a sex video with a Japanese man, the pirated CD of which was peddled on the sidewalks.

It was later revealed that the actress was actually a Thai model turned soft porn star.

After braving the storm of controversies that came with her career move, Angel Locsin is back at work; ready to take on opportunities that the Kapamilya network has opened for her.

Locsin has her hands full with various projects with ABS-CBN. Her first was a "Maala-ala Mo Kaya" (MMK) episode with Sam Milby, where she delivered critically-acclaimed performance.

She also guested in various Kapamilya shows like "ASAP ’07," "Wowowee," "Goin Bulilit," "Kapamilya: Deal or No Deal" and "John En Shirley."

After the grand Kapamilya welcome that she received, fans and the entire industry are even more excited about Angel’s first major project with ABS-CBN: "Lobo", a teleserye with Piolo Pascual.

The charming actress is all set to do the tapings for the show. She and Piolo had to work hard in preparation for their roles in what ABS-CBN promises to be an exceptional teleserye.

“We enrolled in different workshops. May modeling, paragliding at marami pang ibang magaganap, pero hindi ko muna sasabihin para surprise talaga!” exclaimed Locsin.

From the look of things, the actress seems to be enjoying herself in this new chapter in her acting career.

“So far, I’m having a unique experience here in ABS-CBN. They give us good projects and great directors. At may mairereklamo pa ba ko, nakasama ko po si Sam Milby sa MMK at si Piolo naman sa bago naming teleserye. I’m very grateful to ABS-CBN for entrusting me with this kind of responsibility,” Locsin added.

After these two major productions, more projects are lined up for this fresh-faced beauty, including a movie with Piolo.

Highly anticipated

According to sources, "Lobo" can be considered as ABS-CBN’s most ambitious project to date. The stars are, however, more than prepared for the pressure.

“We’re very thankful [to] ABS-CBN and Star Cinema for entrusting us with this teleserye and we’re making sure that they will not be disappointed. Talaga pong napaka-intense ng paghahanda namin ni PJ (Piolo's nickname) bago kami magsimula ng taping,” said Locsin.

“And now that we’ve started taping, we’re going through a tremendous process,” according to leading man Pascual. “Direk Cathy (Garcia-Molina) and Direk Rory (Quintos) are very meticulous with details, para maging maganda talaga ang aming produkto.”

Locsin and Pascual are aware of the kind of expectations being generated by their teleserye among fans.

“It’s coming very soon. Viewers will not be disappointed, because the whole cast and crew is making sure that this teleserye will be unforgettable,” Locsin said.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Angel Locsin vs Marian Rivera

Angel LocsinMarian Rivera

This comparison between Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera has been posted because of Fidelity's request.

Even though Marimar's rating is going off the charts doesn't mean that Marian Rivera's popularity has risen above Angel Locsin. Angel Locsin has already made a name for herself so Marian can't just beat her popularity by being the lead star in the highest rated telenovela series in the present. Good luck to Marian Rivera and go-go-go Angel Locsin. You're still the best!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Angel Locsin remains top TV draw

By Isah V Red
The recent episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya on ABS-CBN titled "Pilat" with Angel Locsin and Sam Milby is the show's highest rating so far. For the first time, the show beat the two Korean novelas on GMA-7 and the 12th anniversary episode of the gag show Bubble Gang.
This proves that Locsin has a solid fan base that no matter where she goes, her fans would follow.
I will refrain from delving into the wisdom or foolishness of her move to the Kapamilya network because it is now moot and academic having signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN, thanks but no thanks to the machinations of her manager, Becky Aguila.
We will just closely observe how she fares in her new home. I am very confident though she can pull it through because there's no one in this broadcast complex who is in the same league as she is.
No, I'm not going to name names, but Angel is really a standout here among her Kapamilya. Pardon, but even Star Magic's prime female stars are no match to this young star's sex appeal.
I caught Angel's first appearance as a drama actress on the Kapamilya network in last Friday's Maalaala Mo Kaya's "Pilat" episode. While the plot was predictably feeble and the writing hackneyed, Locsin was able to rise above the mediocrity of the material. Thanks to an equally competent Sam Milby who seemed to have learned to use his language problem to his advantage.
We're looking forward to Lobo, the series that pits her opposite the 30-year-old matinee idol Piolo Pascual.
This project is being produced by Star Television, another unit in the network's multiple-business-units set up and according to the guys behind the show the shooting has been continuous so that they do a more meticulous post production work on the series.
The victory in the ratings of Maalaala Mo Kaya with Angel in the episode last Friday had everyone in the network cheering for the star. After all, the show never really came to anything closer in the ratings of Bubble Gang and the two Korea novelas in the previous weeks.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Angel Locsin, no longer the soap queen?

Angel Locsin was supposed to play the role of 'Marimar' in GMA-7. However, since she transferred to ABS-CBN, the role was won by Marian Rivera. Currently, Angel Locsin is taping "La Loba Blanca" with Piolo Pascual.

Marimar series is hitting 40% (even higher in some days) rating. Does Angel Locsin feel throttled by this revelation? If she didn't transfer stations, she could have gotten the Marimar role. Many has has said that her transfer to ABS-CBN is a demotion of her title. Now, she is no longer called the Soap Queen but only a Soap Princess because of the strong line-up of ABS-CBN's primetime stars.

Angel Locsin's move to ABS-CBN was indeed a blessing for Marian Rivera who is now presently tagged as the Soap Queen.

Angel Locsin challenges Jennylyn Mercado

The image above shows Angel Locsin's popularity vs Jennylyn Mercado's. Even the ultimate Starstruck Survivor can't outshine Angel Locsin.

Angel Locsin challenges Jennlyn Mecado to prove her worth as an actress, to take care of her career and to take responsibility for whatever misfortunes has come her way. Angel has said this because of the blames that she is getting from the troubles of the Becky Aguila's (her manager) talents in GMA-7 which includes Jennylyn Mercado. Understandably, she just said these things to her friend and "co-alaga" to defend herself. Because of the issue between Becky Aguila and Jennylyn Mercado, she is being caught in the middle of it. Apparently, Jennylyn has already ended her ties with Becky Aguila in order to save her career.

Angel Locsin is quite busy nowadays with ABS-CBN. She was recently seen in MMK with Sam Milby and is currently taping a "teleserye" with Piolo Pascual. As for Jennylyn, she will be leading a primetime soap in GMA-7 entitled "La Vendetta".

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Angel Locsin and Sam Milby's MMK Trailer

It's my first time to see Angel Locsin doing heavy drama. The trailer focused more of her than Sam Milby. I was moved when I watched the trailer even without sounds. This will be her first drama appearance in ABS-CBN as she has been absent from "telenovelas" for quite some time now. All her fans will be excited to watch a different Angel Locsin. No more sexy fairy costumes or tomboyish kick-ass roles. Just pure poor girl drama show.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Angel Locsin and Sam Milby in "Maalaala Mo Kaya"

AngeL Locsin teams up with Sam Milby for the first time, and hopefully not the last, in ABS-CBN's show "Maalaala Mo Kaya". This will be aired on October 12. As always, the story revolves around the "poor girl, rich boy" plot. How can Sam Milby play the poor boy role when he can't even speak straight Tagalog?

As per Dolly Carvajal, Angel and Sam have chemistry on screen. How about Angel and Piolo? Will they also exude the same chemistry? Maybe, maybe not. We don't know yet since Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual's teleserye is still being filmed. For the meantime, watch out for Angel and Sam this coming Friday.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Angel Locsin, Avon Model

Angel Locsin is by far the best endorser for Avon. I bet Avon has reached higher sales now that Angel Locsin models for them. Ever since they had Angel Locsin, it has become sophisticated and glamorous with mass appeal.

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